Diving Boasts New Larger Team

The Los Altos diving team has been making their mark on the local diving circuit. With 10 divers, a larger than normal roster, the  team is continually turning out strong overall performances. The diving team has also produced sound individual results, with divers earning high scores at all meets.

Additional noteworthy aspects of this year’s diving roster include the sheer size of the team and more males on the team in comparison to years past. With two boys on the team, junior Jacob Behar and senior Miles Contreras, the Eagles have been able to successfully compete in the male diving categories as well. The team attributes this increased size to a more aggressive push for new divers.

“I am not really sure why the number has increased but I think a lot of it has to do with divers recruiting people,” junior Austin Campitelli said. “We’re always going around trying to convince people to dive.”

Similarly to other sports, diving has had to deal with the loss of seniors. Due to the difficulty of learning diving techniques, integrating new divers can be a challenge for the team.

“What people really don’t know is actually how difficult the sport is,” Austin said. “It is all about technical things, and getting the perfect amount of momentum and such, and not just doing flips off the board.”

Divers also attribute  a substantial portion of their success to the team coach, Heidi Galvez. Galvez, who dove in high school, is highly knowledgeable in the technicalities of diving and has been bestowing her expertise upon the team.

“Instead of telling us to ‘just do it again’ like other coaches, [Heidi] gives us corrections to truly help us improve,” Austin said.