Diversity Week to Exhibit Student Cultures

The school’s “Celebrating Diversity” week, scheduled for April 7-11, seeks to recognize and promote the diversity of the different cultures at the school. The event is sponsored by ASB and the Student and Staff Morale is Lurking Everywhere (SSMILE) committee.

According to Vice Principal Cristy Dawson, one of the main purposes of the week is to “honor the different cultures and talents that the kids have.”

The week will begin with several different cultural days leading to the Diversity Assembly on Friday, April 11, where student groups will perform different cultural exhibitions.

Groups planning on performing at the assembly include the Latin Student Union, who wth be dancing the Cumbia and the Merengue, the Asian Student Union, the Asian Music Association and the Vietnamese-Filipino Union (VFU), who will perform a traditional Filipino stick dance called Sakuting.

Not only does the week allow students to learn more about other cultures, but is also allows for self-discovery, according to VFU President senior Elizabeth Pham.

“[We participate in Diversity Week] so we’ll learn more about our culture,” Elizabeth said.

The Hip-Hop Organization will also perform again and “plan[s] on bringing an even better routine,” according to Co-President senior Eric James. The club will mix different styles of hip-hop with a mix of different songs and dancing with an original choreography created entirely by the club.

Senior Spencer Huang, who exhibited 14 years of martial arts training at last year’s assembly, plans on demonstrating his skills again this year.

“[The assembly] encourages people to take a look around and see how many cultures we have surrounding us, molding us … instead of just walking by,” Spencer said.