District to implement new slate system


Amid Najmi

The District will implement a new slate system starting next week.

The Mountain View–Los Altos School District will implement a new slate system starting next week. Policy will mandate that teachers post slates on Fridays by 5 p.m., which will cover assignments for the entirety of the following week.

District policy originally instructed teachers to post slates every Wednesday, but student feedback from a recent survey sent out Thursday, October 1, indicated that students found the approach confusing, as the schedules would overlap on weekends.

However, the survey indicated that many students encourage the continued use of slates; 83 percent of students reported that the slates were helpful, citing the fact that they use them as a daily reference to organize for the school day and to find synchronous class Zoom links.

Teachers will continue to use the common slate template in an effort to maintain consistency and organization. The District has made this adjustment to better connect with their students and serve the community.

“Staff and student feedback, patience and flexibility have been valuable as we strengthen our distance learning program,” Distance Learning Administrator Teri Faught said.