District Proposes Wage Hike for Substitutes


The MVLA School Board discusses raising the daily wage for substitutes to $180 from $152. The raise would help attract subs who are drawn to competing surrounding school districts, solving the shortage of subs. Alex Wong.

By Danny Vesurai, News Editor

The MVLA School Board today heard information about a recommendation to increase the full day pay for a substitute to $180 from $152.

The proposal intends to fill vacancies and attract prospective substitutes who may go to nearby districts because they offer higher pay; the Los Altos School District, for example, offers $175 per day.

Whenever a school lacks a substitute, the school office must find up to five teachers to fill one teacher’s absence. Because not all teachers can give up a work period, this scheduling process can be difficult, MVLA Associate Superintendent of Human Resources Leyla Benson said at the meeting. Teachers working as subs receive their hourly rate, which Benson said was more expensive than the proposed raise for substitutes.

The school board agreed with the proposal but did not take a vote. It will be discussed again at the board meeting on Monday, April 16.

This article was corrected on Friday, April 6. The article previously reported that Los Altos School District substitutes make $175 per hour, and it now reports correctly that subs there make $175 per day.