District Policy Temporarily Bars Students from SIS Gradebook

The district implemented a policy to prevent students from viewing their “gradebook” on the Student Information System (SIS) at the end of winter break. The gradebook should be accessible on Monday, January 9.

The policy, meant to reduce end-of-semester confusion about grades as they are entered, was established within the last few years and applies to the school and Mountain View High School (MVHS).

“When teachers are posting grades at the end of the semester especially final grades, often times they post grades that are not actually the final grades,” Assistant Principal Galen Rosenberg said. “They’re going to make changes, and especially [at] the end of the semester … people make phone calls and emails and get upset about things that aren’t actually accurate.”

While the system was supposed to shut down before winter recess, it was shut down at the end of the break due to confusion.