District to bring back Young Parents Program

At the board of trustees meeting on Monday, January 26, adult education director Keith Moody announced that due to increased funding in the California state budget, the district plans to bring back the cancelled Young Parents Program for students with children.

The Young Parents Program provided services for students with children, including flexible school schedules, transportation, and child care services during the school day. It was intended to allow students with children to continue their education while caring for them. This costed the district approximately $110,000 each year and served up to eight students.

Last year, the district announced that it was planning to cut the program, citing the loss of state funding. Most students were transferred to district high schools and country programs and continued their education. Governor Jerry Brown’s proposed budget for next year now includes funding for the program.

The decision to end the Young Parents Program provoked a strong reaction from the community, many of whom rallied to save the program. Its closure was a key issue in the 2014 board elections, where a number of candidates expressed their support for the program.