Devil May Cry 4 Brings the Series to Nex Gen

Although it is no God of War in terms of fame in the United States, Devil May Cry 4 is an excellent addition to the action genre. There are many characters, both good and evil, which creates some difficulties in keeping track of them all.

All great games have a great plot, and this one is no exception. The game revolves around a world filled with demons, and its complicated storyline takes the player through many plot twists. Years ago, a knight named Sparda fought against the dark emperor for the sake of humanity. In the game, there is a religion that worships Sparda and follows in his footsteps by attempting to defeat evil everywhere.

“Holy Knights” are members of this religious group that calls itself the “Order of the Sword.” But when one of the knights, Nero, watches Sparda’s half-demon son, Dante, kill his comrades, it sparks questions that the player must answer throughout the game.

The third-person view gives a good perspective on the awesome action scenes, where the player attacks multiple enemies at a time, but the camera sometimes fails to show all of them, leaving the player vulnerable. The character being played can also leap high into the air, which not only gives tactical advantages in the game, but also visual ones.

The arsenal within the game is superb with both swords and guns at the gamer’s disposal. These weapons are much more complicated than they seem because they have additional features. For example, one of the swords can be revved up like a motorcycle to strike enemies at a faster rate. Almost every weapon as a history to it, such as “Force Edge,” a set of two swords that sealed the gateway to the underworld for two millennia.

The game is definitely difficult to get started, but after the tutorial it is much easier to master the basic skills. As the game progresses, the levels get more difficult, but each defeated foe gives the player the experience needed to face these new enemies.

Cutscenes are where this game truly stands out. Its graphics allow players to watch the action-filled transition videos with ease and the ability to notice every last detail. The characters always find a way to load their guns in a quick and fancy manner, and they manage to discover new and tricky ways of defeating their enemies. These videos are as entertaining as playing the game.

Although this game has its flaws, such as the camera, it is definitely worth buying due to the graphics, actions, plot and arsenal.