Dear Freshmen, Some Words of Advice

Welcome, Class of 2018! Freshman year can be confusing and overwhelming without some guidance. After all, the campus is huge, the upperclassmen even more so and for the first time, you can leave campus for lunch! With this in mind, The Talon interviewed some upperclassmen to find out their regrets and advice about freshman year.


“My second day of school was more embarrassing than the first day because I actually got lost. Like “Oh, no! Where am I going?” kind of lost. Someone helped me out—I don’t know who—and what I learned from that day was, ‘Don’t be afraid to ask.’ That would be one good piece of advice. Don’t be afraid to ask anybody.” – Senior Ignacio Seni


“Don’t trust your teachers to teach you everything. Learn it by yourself at home.” – Junior Shashwath Koppisetty


“Make sure you’re not letting one thing completely run your life. Make sure there is a balance. You have to make sure if you’re doing sports, that’s not completely what your life is centered around, grades are still important. If you’re completely grade-focused, you need more than just that too.” – Senior Gabi Shab


“I wish I had tried more clubs and gone to lots of meetings in the beginning and then narrowed down what clubs I wanted to be in…You definitely want to try a bunch of different things. But once you go to a few meetings, find out what you’re really interested in and passionate about. And focus on that. Most of all, don’t be afraid to try something different, and new.” – Senior Meredith Soward