Day 2 of Ultimate Frisbee

Today, Wednesday, October 13, was the second day of the first annual Ultimate Frisbee tournament.

Like yesterday, eight games were divided into two 15-minute long rounds. In each round, four teams total played, two teams on each of the fields.

Ultimate Team blew out the Flying Squirrels with a score of 6-0, and the Fiends dominated the Frisbetas 8-1. The other two matches were more narrow wins: Alpha Pups defeated Ultimate Frisbos 7-5, Fiends and Wow Such team beat Random Team 5-3.

The Round of 16 is now completed, so the quarterfinals will be taking place tomorrow, November 13.

Ultimate Team is set to play Wow Such Team, Shuff Off (the staff team) the Frisbeasts, mHAWT the Hooligans, and Alpha Pups will be playing the Fiends.