Dance Team Places First in Varsity Hip Hop Division

The dance team took first place in the Varsity Hip Hop division at a competition hosted by the Universal Dance Association (UDA). The team also won 4th place in Varsity Jazz (in which 8 out of the total 14 members participated).

Two members competed in Senior Solos with their jazz pieces.

“We owe our win to our new coach, Jordan Micek,” sophomore Aya Suzuki said. “We practiced spin and jump techniques on all practices and did mat exercises on Thursday practices to increase our flexibility. We also went through the choreography many times; our coach gave us good, specific critiques that would help us as a team to become united.”

Schools all over Northern California competed at the Sacramento Memorial Auditorium, including Vintage, Justin-Sienna High School, Carondelet High School and Mercy High School. The two soloists competed against Mercy of Burlingame and Mercy High School.

“Because our coach put us through strenuous but essential exercises, we were able to improve as a dance team and represent LAHS positively in this competition,” Aya said.