Daiso Market Brings Japanese Trinkets to Mountain View

Located at 550 Showers Drive in Mountain View, Daiso, a Japanese market, can be easily overlooked and is certainly not the first place students think of when they set out to shop. However, Daiso is different from any other market out there with unique trinkets for very cheap prices.

Japanese Candy, $1
Hi-chew candy is a Japanese candy that is like the chewier, superb version of Starburst. The candy comes in flavors such as strawberry, sour apple, mango and lemon, but the fruit flavors in this candy tastes more real and refreshing than and ordinary Starburst. Tangy and sweet yet not too sugary, these small rectangles of chewy goodness are an excellent treat for anyone’s sweet tooth.
Another type of candy that Daiso offers is Botan Rice Candy. These candies are small chews wrapped in what looks like plastic, but the wrapper is actually edible. Made of rice, the wrapper will dissolve with a small sizzle in your mouth and provide a stimulating experience. Hi-chews and Botan Rice Candy are definitely worth the trip to Daiso as they are not offered at places like your local Safeway.

Banana Case, $1.50
One interesting asset that can be found at Daiso is the banana case. Similar to a toothbrush holder, this trinket is a plastic container shaped just like a banana.
Although it is certainly a very unique item, the banana case seems to be a waste of plastic. Why add to our world’s carbon footprint by using banana cases? After all, isn’t that what banana peels are for?

Knock-offs, $3-6
Knock-offs of designer brands are often hard to find and can even get a bit pricey, but Daiso has a few knock-off pieces for exceptionally low prices. The knock-off items are a bit scattered and are not in abundance, but it’s worth the walk around the store.
One example of a knock-off that can be found at Daiso is a faux Burberry scarf that is 100 percent wool and only $6, a very reasonable price for what is supposed to look like a pricy designer scarf. Fancy looking ties can also be purchased for just $3.

Strawberry Massager, $1.50
Another uncommon knickknack that would be hard to find anywhere else is the strawberry shaped “shoulder tapper.” This tool is essentially a plastic strawberry stuck on the end of a stick. The handle on the end makes it possible for users to reach over their shoulders and tap or rub their backs with the large plastic strawberry.
Unfortunately, the shape of the strawberry itself does not make for a very good massager, or backscratcher for that matter. The pointed end of the strawberry does not provide a good feeling when tapped against the back either, making for a more uncomfortable than an enjoyable one.

For just a few dollars and a fun shopping trip, these unique knickknacks and more can be yours.