Course Schedules Accidentally Revealed on SIS

Students were able to view a draft of their course schedules for next year on SIS on Thursday, May 3 and yesterday, May 4.

Principal Wynne Satterwhite and Assistant Principal Perla Pasallo had begun working on determining schedules for the next school year Thursday evening, and the beginning draft was accidentally made visible to students.

“[It wasn’t an accurate schedule] … and it’s going to keep moving because that was just the start,” Pasallo said.

The administration will spend the next few days and weeks adjusting the courses for next year so as to maximize the number of students who get the classes they requested.

“We’re playing with all the periods … to try and see what combination of classes and placement makes it so more students have the classes that they want … and it takes a lot of shifting,” Pasallo said.

When a member of the administration realized the problem, they emailed parents to let them know that the schedule that had been posted was just a draft. The email stated, “We are working on the 2012/13 Master Schedule and unfortunately students were able to see one of our draft schedules. The schedule is not complete and we are still working on it …The schedule will most likely change several times in the next few weeks.”