Countdown to Christmas Day Two: Holiday Decorations

Looking for some new holiday decorations? Something a little different to try out? There are so many different holiday decorations, but here are a couple you can make at home.

Homemade Nutcrackers:

Need: paint, pre-built nutcracker, glitter and any other decorations you might want to add on.

At any craft store, you can find various things to paint or decorate. When nice nutcrackers can often be pretty expensive to decorate your home with, go to a craft store and pick up an undecorated nutcracker, some paint and glitter. You can paint the nutcracker however you want to, with unlimited creative freedom. If you have younger siblings or cousins, this craft is a perfect way to keep them entertained for at least an hour and will also ensure for a more festive house.

Candy Cane Place Cards:

Need: three candy canes per place card, cardstock and ribbon.

Turn boring name cards at the Christmas table into a delicious prize for everyone with just a couple of easy steps. First, take a piece of cardstock paper and write the person’s name on it and set aside for later use. Next, take three candy canes (I prefer the classic red and white ones, however any will work) and tie a piece of ribbon around them to secure them together. You will want to create a 3D holder in order for the candy canes to stand on their own, so make sure that the candy canes are faced away from each other at a diagonal (see attached picture). The candy canes will now act as a base for the cardstock. Simply slide the name card into the curved parts of the candy cane and you have a new and festive place card.




















[Image by Carly Cohen]