Countdown to Christmas Day Three: Holiday Presents for Girls

I’ve taken the liberty of introducing you to a few one-of-a-kind holiday presents for your mother, sister, friend or girlfriend, from Etsy. All of these sellers are from the Bay, so you can be sure that nothing else compares. In addition to these items, check out each of the seller’s webpage, too.

thepinkcamellia’s Bronze Flower Crystal Bobby Pins in Green
Katy Atchison’s Cupcake Card
Danafrog Blue and Gold Paper Notebook
Grannypantydesigns Vintage Silver Fabric Clutch with Attached Coin Purse and Mirror
skeletaldropkick hand thrown, ceramic, goblin mug in Blue Green

Image Sources: thepinkcamellia, Katy Atchison, Danafrog, Grannypantydesigns, skeletaldropkick