Countdown to Christmas Day Thirteen: Gingerbread to the Extreme

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Making gingerbread houses is time honored tradition in my house. And by this I mean that in my family, we attempt to put together a box that slightly resembles a house that is covered in random candy we find in our cupboard. Needless to say, they are never very attractive nor do they taste very good.

However, there are some people who go all out when they decorate gingerbread houses. There are hotels like the Ritz Carlton that make life size gingerbread houses that you can walk into, complete with a candy interior. Unlike my own dinky gingerbread house, there are some that make you gawk because they are so detailed and so impressive.

Just Google “impressive gingerbread houses” and you will be astonished at the crazy designs that pop up. Then, if you search “gingerbread castles”, those “impressive gingerbread houses” will be put to shame. Even if you can’t completely emulate one of the houses, you have the opportunity get out of the graham cracker format.

I have selected a couple of my favorite houses for you to take a look at, and I am sure that you will be equally impressed.

Merry Christmas and good luck to you in your own gingerbread making activities!

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