Countdown to Christmas Day Six: ‘Tis the Season to Give

Let’s face it, most of us think of this time of year as a joyful season, a time where there are good food and, of course, gifts. Believe me, I am no exception. But as thriving as the Bay Area is, there are still so many in need of help. It is easy to forget that while some of us are able to enjoy a full Christmas tree and lots of holiday treats, some struggle to make the holidays enjoyable for their families.

There are so many ways to help the community and share these happy times with others. Personally, I think one of the easiest ways to do this is by donating gently used clothes to various places in need.

When the holidays promise gifts of new clothing or shoes or other items. So, why not clean out your closets and make room for all the new stuff? That sweater that you just don’t wear anymore could become the highlight present for a teenager that would ordinarily go through the holidays without a gift.

So many places offer access to dropping off clothes or other items  for those in need. The obvious choice is Goodwill. They collect all types of gently used items and sell them for money which they then donate to various homeless shelters. The only problem in my eyes with Goodwill is that your items don’t go directly to those in need. However, it is completely worth it to donate as you are still making a difference. Also, they accept pretty much everything!

Another location to try is InnVision in San Jose. They take your clothes and give them directly to the residents staying at their home. They house several families and offer them clothing (donated by people like you), food, housing and other basic utilities. Just keep in mind that sometimes they get too many donations and do not always accept your items. Make sure to call and check ahead of time!

My last idea for donation places is called USAgain. There a box near Nob Hill Grocery Store and the School for Independent Learners where you can donate used clothing that will be sold at a low price for those who cannot afford to buy them at full retail cost. They try to provide a “win-win-win” situation where you get rid of unwanted clothing, reducing waste and giving others the opportunity to buy clothes for their families at low prices.

I am sure there are tons of other places you could donate to, however these are some that I have donated my clothing to. Good luck in finding the perfect place to donate to and happy holidays once again.