Countdown to Christmas Day Seven: Try Ice Skating!

Every season, I try to think of something new to do to get in the holiday spirit. And as cliché as it seems, it seems that every year, ice skating trumps every other holiday-esque idea I have.

There is nothing more festive than putting on skates and spinning around the ice with your friends. You can drink hot cocoa and have a chance to finally catch up without any distractions. The wintery feeling from the ice always manages to clear your head.  And even better than that, it gives you a chance to dress in those cozy winter clothes because let’s be honest: California doesn’t give us many opportunities to be in the snow.

Even if you’re not the best skater, it is still so much fun to get out there and enjoy the holiday spirit on the rank. My favorite location is Winterlodge, however Valco also is an awesome place to try out, especially with all the new renovations—it finally has something more than just JC Penny and Benihana’s.

I hope you get the chance to go to the rink and get in the holiday spirit.

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