Countdown to Christmas Day Eleven: Feed Someone Else

It is easy to get caught up in the hubbub of the Holidays, with all of the decorating and shopping. And I don’t deny that I am in such a rush to get done with finals that I sometimes forget that these happy times are also met with difficult times for many.

Hopefully some of you read my previous blog and decided to donate clothes or are thinking about doing so. However, sometimes that does not work out for a family. So here is another awesome option to help out this holiday season: work in a soup kitchen and/or donate food!

Despite the wealth in our community, there are still so many who struggle to provide meals for their families. The school has already run its own food drive and collected large amounts of food for those in need. If you were not able to donate during this time, whether it was because you simply forgot or just couldn’t find the time to do it, there is still plenty of opportunities!

If you are part of a charity group or religious congregation, there are often different ways to help out through various food banks. If you are not a part of any group that supplies chances to help out, try the Bay Area Food Banks. They give plenty of opportunity to donate money, food or time and help to those who need it. The link with more information is as follows:

Let’s all join forces and spread the good spirit to those in need this season!