Copy Change Buys New Chairs

With the purchase of two new leather chairs for the library, printing that last-minute English paper suddenly got a lot more comfortable.

Many of the dimes, nickels, quarters and pennies students paid to the library in exchange for printing and copy services went to buying the chairs.

According to librarian Dr. Nina Waite, the change was much appreciated by students.

“The kids love them,” Dr. Waite said. “They’re comfortable and not dangerous; nothing falls off of them.”

The library’s extensive history of what librarian Christine Bridges calls “curb-side” chairs goes back to the year 2002 when the library was shifted from P-14 to where it is now. A black chair found “in an alley between a band and a movie theater” in New Hampshire began the tradition, and two more chairs in similar condition followed.

Upon the purchase of the new chairs, the old ones were left in the staff lounge and met a timely end in the school dumpsters.

The two new leather chairs came from Office Depot and were purchased with student money. In the past, money earned from printing and copy costs have gone toward paying for new printers, office supplies and binder paper, but this year it was clear what the school needed most.

Frugality is key when it comes to the library chairs. First with the picking up of abandoned chairs and now with the use of a coupon, Dr. Waite’s moral of the story is “Never give up scrounging.”