Construction Planned for Summer

The school will host several summer construction projects beginning on June 9. The school’s main priority is the pool, which should be renovated by the start of water polo season next year. After having the gutter and the drain redone last summer, the construction team this year plans to redo the exterior around the pool by repairing, replastering and replacing the decking within 10 feet of the pool. 

Along with the pool interior renovations, the boiler room servicing the boys locker room is also set to be replaced. Solar thermal panels are going to be installed on the rooftop of the boys locker room to assist in powering the boilers. 

“The pool is cracking and just getting old,” Head of Maintenance and Operation Mike Woodworth said. “With the boiler room, a lot of the equipment is over 20 years old and needs to be replaced. I can’t hold it together any more [because] I can’t get parts.”

The football field’s synthetic turf is also set to be redone. The current press box will be remade into a bigger  press box so there is more room for filming equipment and scoreboard controls. The entire turf area, which needs to be changed about every 15 years, will be switched out with a thicker, more padded turf that should act more like real sod. 

“[The football field] has to be replaced every 15 years because it loses its bounce,” Woodworth said. “It’ll still be synthetic turf but it’ll be safer [than what we currently have]. It’s just like a carpet in your house, [which] needs to be replaced every so often because it wears out.”

As a result of the construction projects, summer school has been moved from Los Altos to Mountain View High School. The construction is set to be completed by the beginning of the 2014-2015 school year, with the exception of the new press box in the football field, which does not yet have a start or end date.