Construction May Include Carpet in Classrooms

Before this school year started, workers installed carpet into the classroom of history teacher Todd Wangsness. The room serves as a pilot project to determine the flooring of the new building that is currently under construction.

So far, the carpet seems to be preferred to the tile present in the other classrooms on campus. According to Assistant Superintendent of Business Services Joe White, the carpet is more cost efficient.

“I’m quite pleased [with the carpet],” Wangsness said. “It’s functional for installing in the classrooms”

The carpet has greatly reduced the amount of noise pollution created by the rattling and moving of chairs and desks. It is also being considered as a more manageable alternative in terms of maintenance.

The carpet so far has experienced two spills that required shampooing to be properly cleaned.

“[The carpet] is easier to clean,” custodian Tony Ventura said. “As long as drinks are kept out, it is easy to maintain.”

Wangsness and Ventura also said that the carpet is more aesthetically appealing.

Despite the positive reception, it remains undetermined whether or not carpet floors will be used in the new building.

“Ultimately, it’s going to be [Superintendent] Dr. [Barry] Groves’ and Mr. White’s decision,” Wangsness said.