Construction Class Builds Deck Near 300 Wing

A month ago, the construction class began building a deck in the main quad, specifically in front of the 300 wing. The goal of the deck is to enhance the physical appearance of the school’s campus, and provide additional seating for students during lunch and brunch.

The deck is being built by three students in the construction class, seniors Moises Flores and Jendri Quezada and junior Robert Sargsyan.

“At first we were kind of insecure about how [the deck] was going to come out,” senior Moises Flores, the student in charge of building the deck, said. “But as time passed our instructor…helped us a lot and we learned a lot of new skills, [allowing us] …. to become more secure about our project.”

The deck is expected to be completed by this Friday, November 1. If this deck is a success, the construction class will continue to pursue more projects around school, such as a deck near the math building.

“[Building this deck] is one way to get more people to know about the construction class,” Moises said.