College Board Creates New SAT and ACT Rules to Prevent Cheating

Due to the recent cheating outbreak of 20 students at Long Island High School, College Board announced new SAT and ACT nationwide measures to tighten security today, March 27.

Currently, students are only required to show photo identification when they arrive for a test and proctors match up the name to the roster. The new rules will require students to upload photos during registration and state their gender.

The photo will be printed on the admission ticket and also the proctor’s roster. Photos will be stored in a database to prevent inconsistencies. They will also be attached to the test results and sent to the student’s high school so administrators and guidance counselors can cross check to deter students from uploading false photos. In the past, student scores were only sent to the student.

In addition to uploading photos, students will also be required to identify their high schools. In the Long Island incident, many imposters traveled to neighboring high schools for test taking in order to avoid recognition.

Furthermore, proctors will be checking photo identification more regularly. IDs will be checked when students arrive for a test, re-enter the room after breaks and after answer sheets are collected.

These measures will take effect this fall.