Clubs to Showcase During Club Day Tomorrow

Club Day will be held in the quad at lunch tomorrow, September 7.

“Club Day is really important,” ASB Clubs Commissioner junior Adriana Gardner said. “It’s a way for students to get involved in activities [outside] of school. It helps create community.”

Adriana said that approximately 60 clubs have been chartered this year, with various new additions to the lineup of clubs from last year.

“There are quite a few new clubs [such as] Nerd Fighters, Invisible Children and a Sailing Club,” Adriana said.

However, Adriana stated that the focal point of Club Day will still be around the clubs that have lasted for years.

“The highlights of Club Day are definitely clubs like Key Club and One Dollar for Life (ODFL)–the type of clubs that have been around for awhile,” Adriana said.

[photo by Amelia Evard]