Clubs Fundraise For Valentine’s Day

The quad was filled with clubs selling sweets and other food items during lunch today, February 14.

All the class councils and the clubs, including Black Student Union (BSU), Culinary Club, Debut, Enable, GSA, Invisible Children Club, Let’s Erase the Stigma, LitMag, Latino Student Union, Sun and Vecinos participated in the event.

“We did really really well,” Debut President junior Janna Wang said. “We said that we’d give 10 percent to the Transparent Fish Fund. I was really excited for [the fundraiser] … I thought it turned out great for our club.”

ASB organized the fundraiser today and encouraged clubs to participate through the announcements.

“We thought it’d be cool to have a big fundraiser where clubs would have the opportunity to make some extra money,” Clubs Commissioner senior Adriana Gardner said. “I think it went really well.”