Club Illusions Captures Teen Scene

The snaking line of teenagers outside Club Illusions brims with enthusiasm as the restaurant walls begin to reflect the club’s catchy beat and the night sets in.
As the biggest teen club in Northern California, Club Illusions, also known as “Club Ice,” sets the bar for the Bay Area’s high school clubbing scene.
Located at 260 South California Avenue in Palo Alto, the club gives local teenagers the opportunity to meet new people and enjoy themselves in a fun and secure environment.
On designated nights from 7:30 to 11:30 p.m., the Mediterranean restaurant takes a full spin, leaving its family-oriented style behind and fully targeting the Bay Area youth. These teen nights mark weekends, holidays and summer vacation, filling up the calendars of local teens. The entrance fee is $20 per person, and is valid for any person between the ages 14 and18 (identification is required).
Although cost may seem excessive, the night is usually well worth its expense.
“[Teen nights] give local youth an outlet to have a safe and fun dance event here in the peninsula area,” event manager Ulysses King said.
According to King, the venue has been conducting these events for several years.
On a first come first serve basis, the club lets in about 800 people per night.
“There is always a good amount of people at every event and the music is pretty good,” senior Brannon Prasad said.
A typical night at Illusions usually attracts from 300 to 800 teenagers. However, this depends on season and weekend.
“You always meet new people, and it makes it easier to meet up with friends from other schools,” senior Brendan Ferrell said. “It’s also a fun way to work up a sweat, if you dance long enough.”
According to Club Ice co-founder and teen promoter Sheila Tabrizi, the general purpose of the club is to bring teens together for a fun and safe night.
“I had the idea of creating a good environment where everyone could come have a great time and dance,” Sheila said.
Club Ice provides teens with an environment where they are free to mingle and have fun.
“The reason I love going to Club Ice is because of the crowd,” Sheila said. “I want to feel safe, and Club Illusions has attracted a crowd that is both fun and secure. Everyone is respectful and knows how to party.”
The club has not had many problems with safety so far, and plans to maintain the safe environment it has created for attendees.
“I really like the atmosphere there,” junior Jenny Bakos said. “It’s really fun to get ready with your closest friends prior to going out, and then dancing together throughout the night.”
In the past, dances have been held in support of Make a Wish Foundation, aid in Kenya, school sports teams and the Salvation Army.
“We often hold teen events that benefit,” King said. “At our most recent benefit for Make a Wish Foundation, a percentage of proceeds [was given] to the [cause].”
Events always end before 11:30 p.m., to respect the midnight youth curfew, and are well supervised. Over summer, the club will resume its previous schedule of hosting a teen dance every Sunday night.
Club Illusions is the perfect place for teens to meet new people, see old friends, dance and have a great time.
“Club Illusions is a place where everyone, regardless of their social status, can come and have the best night of their lives,” Sheila said.