Club holds Random Acts of Kindness Week

The Random Acts of Kindness club is holding the school’s first ever Random Acts of Kindness Week in collaboration with ASB. The purpose of the event is to promote kindness and school spirit.

“In high school we’re always so busy with school, extracurricular activities, grades and drama, that people don’t take enough time to do anything fond for each other,” Random Acts of Kindness club founder junior Carolyn Yang said. “We want to help inspire people do something nice.”

Carolyn started the Random Acts of Kindness club as a part of her Sakala Peace Project last year, in which she had to formulate and pursue an idea that would directly affect her community. It was her goal to establish this club and host a Random Acts of Kindness week to positively impact the student body.

“People are aware of the week already,” Carolyn said. “We just need to get more momentum as the week progresses to motivated people to do kind things or participate in one of our activities.”

While this is the school’s first Random Acts of Kindness week, the club hopes to make it into a lasting yearly tradition.

“We want to do it again next year,” Carolyn said. “My experiences this year, both good and bad, will provide me with lots of takeaway to improve the event in the future and eventually make it a success.”