Club for Gender Equality Hosts ‘Who Needs Feminism’ Campaign

One of the newest clubs on campus also has some of the highest aspirations: to change student’s perceptions on feminism. The Club for Gender Equality created by sophomore Julia Khan held a campaign called “Who Needs Feminism”, to increase awareness about the issue and create a name for themselves.

“Our main goal is to promote awareness of a lot of issues that people don’t really think apply to them.” Julia said, “I’m often told that gender equality ‘isn’t a big issue’ in the Bay Area and I think that we need to change that mindset.”

The first way the club has worked towards changing this general mindset is by taking pictures of students answering the question “Why do you need feminism?” on small white boards. The purpose of this was to make people realize the need for feminism and the far reaching effects of both gender equality and feminism.

“The goal of feminism is to remove gender roles and the strict constricts that accompany the gender binary.” Julia said. “Our society also demonizes femininity so as a woman I’m allowed to be masculine or feminine for the most part, but if I was a man then I’m not allowed to show emotion or be submissive in any way. There is no gender fluidity for men and thats what feminism is trying to fix.”