Club Corner: Anime Club Views and Draws Art

Club Members are Drawn Together by Love of Japanese Anime Cartoons

Imagine a club in which, instead of listening to long announcements and fundraising details, students can simply enjoy watching a cartoon with friends. Or looking at comic books and drawing for fun. This is exactly what the Anime Club has to offer.

The Anime Club, which was started five years ago by Amy Saecang ‘05, is a group of about 30 students who meet every Wednesday at lunch in room 401 to watch an episode of anime, or Japanese cartoons. The club watches a wide variety of anime shows, including Fullmetal Alchemist, Last Exile and Cowboy Bebop. Any announcements are briefly introduced in the beginning of the meeting, and then the members are free to enjoy an episode of an anime and draw or read if they want.

English teacher Galen Rosenberg is the club adviser, and seniors Tina Tseng and Marisa Colcord are the co-presidents of the club this year. Marisa hopes that the club this year. Marisa hopes that the club will serve as a place for people to share their interest in anime.

“The purpose is to bring people who like Japanese anime and manga, the comic book, together and share our interest,” Marisa said.

Rosenberg also agrees that the club is a great opportunity for students who like anime.

“They’re definitely really engaged and involved in the films and talking about them and the activities they have planned,” Rosenberg said.

Junior Kimberly Shannon has had a great experience being a member of the club.

“I like it because it’s a place I can hang out with my friends at lunch,” Kimberly said. “We watch a lot of anime in there that I’ve never seen before … I’ve found a couple new ones that I really want to watch the entire series of now.”

According to club secretary senior Nicole Dudley, the club also aspires to introduce less well-known forms of anime to club members.

“We’re trying to introduce new material and expose people to new genres and forms of [anime],” Nicole said.

Many of the club members not only like watching the show, but also imitating the style of art. Some of the club members also enjoy doodling or looking through comic books as they watch episodes of anime.

“A lot of members do [draw],” Kimberly said. “Most of us are artists at some level.”

The club recently ordered new jackets, which were designed by members of the club.

Some of the members help to produce an anime anthology each year that is sold to other members of the club for about $10. Last year, 5 students submitted comic-like stories that were around 20 pages long, and these stories were made into a book.

According to Marisa, the club is looking into doing a possible art swap this year. Some members would submit drawings of anime characters and a raffle would take place, giving all members a chance to win one of their peers’ drawings.

The club also informs members of other anime-related events that occur locally. One such event that is very popular among club members is the Anime Convention, which takes place during Memorial Day weekend each May at the San Jose Convention Center. Information is given on registration for the convention, which includes anime showings, booths, skits and competitions for anime fans to enjoy.

Overall, the Anime Club is unique because it provides students with an easygoing enjoyable club experience that is all about catering to its members’ interests and passions.