Class Council Officers Elected for Upcoming Year

Students voted for their class council officers yesterday, April 26 during fourth period. The results were announced today, April 27 at the end of second period. The winners are:

Class of 2014
President: Hanna Koelher
Vice President: Amanda Jones
Secretary: Cassidy Crawford
Treasurer: Jordan Stout
Publicity: Casey Vanneman
Activities: Alec Aaron

Class of 2013
President: Ideen Seyed
Vice President: Camryn Nakano
Secretary: Rachel Pinkleman
Treasurer: Daniel Kahan
Publicity: Alyssa Wemyss
Activities: Molly Palu

Class of 2012
President: David Schuman
Vice President: Jackie Simion
Secretary: Kiana Shahidi
Treasurer: Mitra Ahy
Publicity: Gina Costa
Activities: Shelby Lerch