Class Competitions Take Students on Wild Ride

The Winter Sports assembly was held on Friday, January 16, during which athletes from the girls and boys soccer, basketball and wrestling teams were acknowledged. Clubs such as Model UN, mock trial, ODFL, robotics and speech and debate were also congratulated.

Civics, economics and US History teacher Seth Donnelly received the Tireless Teacher Award for his dedication.

“I was completely surprised and honored,” Donnelly said. “It’s a joy to work here and to serve the students.”

The assembly finished with a good-natured class competition: the sleeping bag race. One boy and one girl were selected from each class; then the boy was to drag the girl on a sleeping bag around a course while racing against an opponent.

The competition began with freshmen versus sophomores, with both competitors taking a nasty tumble when the sleeping bags became entangled after rounding the first corner of the course. Despite the fall, the sophomores pulled out with a win.

“I knew that we would beat the freshman going into the race,” said sophomore Siaosi Liua who competed in the sleeping bag race. “I knew their competitor and was able to capitalize on his weaknesses.”

Next the seniors competed against the juniors, where the junior girl almost fell off of her sleeping bag. The seniors won.

The final round was sophomores versus seniors, and both teams once again were tangled up after turning the first corner. Both teams were almost neck in neck for the first three quarters of the race, but the games ended with a senior victory.