City’s Public Arts Committee Develops Master Plan For New Works


By Yalda Khodadad, Features Editor

The Los Altos Public Arts Committee (LAPAC) started drafting a Public Arts Master Plan this spring to add art to the city in hopes that it might draw potential investors and homeowners.

The plan aims to develop a community-wide vision to add unique works that resonate with the city and its citizens’ desires. Earlier this year, LAPAC began pushing for more art pieces in Los Altos and hired Designing Local, an organization that helps cities design and commission public art pieces.

Through surveys and discussions, Designing Local collects community input to discern what type of art Los Altos citizens want. The firm hosted two meetings for community engagement last month, and this fall it will collaborate with LAPAC to develop recommendations that reflect citizens’ preferences.

The city hosted a Public Art Vision Workshop in the Hillview Community Center on Monday, May 22. LAPAC invited public artist Morgan Bricca to address questions attendees had about new art in Los Altos.

The city also hosted a panel called “smART Planning: a Conversation on Art, Place, and Innovation” on Wednesday, May 24. The panel aimed to create a space where audience members could discuss potential projects with panelists from organizations such as the Exploratorium and Burning Man. It also gave them the opportunity to vote for certain locations and types of artworks by placing stickers on voting boards.

“I looked at the boards and I simply said yes to all of it,” an attendee said at the meeting. “I think art is central to the sense of place, and truly makes Los Altos a special and enjoyable place for people to be in.”