Choral Department Hosts Winter Concert

The Choral Department held its annual winter concert yesterday, December 9. Concert Choir, Girls 21, Main Street Singers, Varsity Mens Glee and Girls Glee all performed at the First United Methodist Church in Palo Alto.

“I thought the concert went great, as every singer stepped up and contributed their best, creating a wonderful sound,” Main Street singer junior Surya Ram said.

Concert Choir, Girls 21, Main Street Singers, Chorale and Girls Ensemble all performed alone before coming together with Varsity Mens Glee and Girls Glee to sing the major piece “Tres Cantus Laudendi,” a song by Mack Wilberg.

“It was really cool seeing all the different choirs and their improvement, especially since most of the clubs including Varsity Mens Glee and Girls Glee have had no [prior] musical experiences,” Main Street singer junior Savannah Swan said. “Hearing all the different groups’ progress was really cool.”

For each concert, Mr. Shaull hires different local professionals to play in an orchestra to accompany the singers. For this concert’s major piece, Shaull hired 12 brass players, an organist and a couple percussionists.

“The addition of the orchestra to the choir [for the major piece] gave me chills,” Main Street singer senior Jared Rulison said.

To finish off the season, the Main Street Singers will also participate in the Wassail Concert at the Shoup Garden House on Sunday, December 23. The concert has been a community tradition for over 25 years, and many Main Street Singers’ alumni come back to listen and sing along with the group.