Cheer Team Places First in Competition

The cheer team secured a victory at the America’s Best cheer competition in San Jose yesterday, February 10. Although it competed against one other school, Andrew Hill High School, it did not have an easy time competing after a week of little practice due to sickness and the recent loss of many members. The team performed at 8:15 a.m., and by 8:45 a.m. was standing on the podium receiving its first place award.

“Throughout the competition I think we did a very good job of keeping calm as well as confident, in order to make sure we got our job done of hitting every stunt,” Captain senior Jordan Garvey said. “Which we did, so we were very successful.”

The team’s next event is at the national competition, in which the teammates hope to place well despite competition from several talented teams.

“We have set many goals for our team, and one of them is being united,” Jordan said. “I really hope more that not only do we unite together to perform to our best ability, but [that we] also unite as a team and family. We’re all very excited to go to Los Angeles for nationals, and we’re both mentally and competitively ready for whatever we’re faced with. Either way, we want to end on a bang.”