Cheer Team Competes at Nationals, Places Tenth

The cheer team competed in the 28th annual Spirit Nationals competition last week from Friday, March 15, to Saturday, March 17.  Hosted by the United Spirit Association (USA) in the Anaheim Convention Center, the competition involved 24 cheer teams. The Eagles placed tenth overall.

For many cheer team members, the competition provided their first taste of cheer at the national level.

“I had never done cheer before joining the team and didn’t have much confidence in my ability,” junior Elizabeth Arnold said.  “Going to the national competition was intense. The training from Coach Nikia was able to build up [my confidence], and by Nationals I [wasn’t] nervous but instead pumped up and determined.”

 While the team had originally hoped to move on past the preliminary rounds, it fell just short of placing within the top eight. Despite having not achieved what it had originally aspired for, the team felt a noticeable improvement this season and is proud of its work.

“I’m very proud of our place [after] looking back on our growth as a team and the hardships we [had to] overcome,” junior Elizabeth Arnold said. “Going to the competition was a really great experience, and it was exciting because I felt all those hours of practice [really] helped build us up for the competition.”

The team plans on regrouping and refocusing before the next season begins.  Before the next season starts it plans on ironing out some of the issues that caused lower scores on the routines.  The team looks forward to an excellent next year.