Cheer and Dance Teams Petition for Recognition as Sports

The Mountain View High School rally team, Los Altos High School (LAHS) rally team and the LAHS dance team gave a presentation at the district school board meeting yesterday, August 27, requesting that they receive second-year P.E. credits.

Members of the teams, along with coaches and parents, attended the meeting. During the presentation they explained that practices are vigorous and the work they endure is similar to that of any other sports team. They also talked about their recent competition victories.

“Cheerleading has really changed since the days when the board members were in high school, and it was necessary for us to persuade them of that fact,” senior Cathy Liu said. “The seniors really want to leave a type of legacy to the younger members, which would be their receiving P.E. credits. Our practices are extremely difficult, and we are pushed to our physical and mental limits during competition weeks. It’s disheartening to not be recognized as a sport when we put in so many hours and dedication.”

Superintendent Dr. Barry Groves said that the board had no arguments against the proposal.

“The board is proud of the cheer and dance teams and their accomplishments,” Groves said. “The girls and parents did a nice job of presenting their case and we look forward to the board responding to their request.”

As of now, the the board has made no official decision. A proposal will go to the board on Monday, September 10 and the final approval is scheduled to take place in October.