Chancellor May Join Obama Administration

Though the elections are long over, the administration of President Barack Obama is far from complete. After filling his Cabinet, Obama is continuing the process of filling jobs that report to Cabinet members.
Chancellor of Foothill and De Anza Colleges Dr. Martha J. Kanter has been nominated for the position Undersecretary of Education. However, there is no guarantee she will get the position.
“[If elected,] I will be working for Obama, and I will be carrying his education agenda forward,” Kanter said.

Change You Can Educate
“I hope to increase opportunity for students,” Kanter said, “[And] to expand financial aid for students from economically disadvantaged families, as well as increase success and graduation rate of students in higher education and in K-12 schools.”
Kanter will aid Secretary of Education Arne Duncan to meet Obama’s goal of raising the rate of college graduation in the 25 to 34-year-old age group from 40 to 60 percent.
“I’m absolutely convinced [Obama’s policies] will succeed,” Kanter said.
As possible future Undersecretary, Kanter understands the importance of education to America.
“I ask you and all of the students to really have education as a must, that we want you to go to college and that you can do well in college,” Kanter said. “We want to…participate in your success and challenge you to put forward your best ideas and values.”

And the Undersecretary goes to…Washington, D.C.
If Kanter receives the position, she will end her 16-year job working for both Foothill and De Anza Colleges.
“I think that Foothill and De Anza have been extremely innovative in their dedication to the success and affordability of higher education,” Kanter said.
Kanter, one of two candidates nominated, is now being reviewed by the Senate.
After candidates are nominated by the President, the Senate must review each candidate.
Kanter could be called to the capital at any time from now to a few months from now.
Over 200 people, including Kanter, await review for various government positions.