‘Chalk-Hooligans’ Aim to Spread Positivity


Photo by Rachel Lu.

“Donut give up,” “You smart, you loyal” and “I love you more than Kanye love Kanye” are just a few phrases that have appeared mysteriously in Los Altos parking spots. It’s the work of two students at Los Altos who set out to bring positivity to the LAHS community by writing words of encouragement in parking spots with chalk.

The two students nicknamed themselves “the Chalk-Hooligans” and requested anonymity. The chalk messages started in August during the second week of school, and the Chalk-Hooligans aim to continue spreading positive messages such as compliments or puns for the rest of the school year.

“My friend and I were bored and we didn’t know what to do,” one of the Chalk-Hooligans said.  “We had a bunch of chalk in my car and we thought, “What better way to spend our evening at school then to write a bunch of messages on the ground that would make somebody’s day?’”

While the Chalk-Hooligans do not follow a set schedule, they have completed two projects so far; the first decorated twenty parking spots, and the second covered the entire parking lot. There is no specific schedule for when they write their messages but the Chalk-Hooligans have so far only worked during the night to remain unseen.

“We work only on the parking lot, partially because we know that the cameras don’t extend too far into the parking lot,” said the Chalk-Hooligans. “We don’t want to get into too much trouble. We don’t mind getting in trouble but we decided that would be the best place.”

Three janitors caught the Chalk-Hooligans in the act and are the only people at school who know their identity. Otherwise, the Chalk-Hooligans have kept their names secret.

“We actually at one point got caught,” one of the Chalk-Hooligans said. “The janitors came out and started to ask us questions because they thought we were vandalizing school property. We made it pretty clear that we were out there for good reasons.”

Both the Chalk-Hooligans are seniors and will be graduating this year. They would like continue the tradition by letting other students take on the project for next year.

“If this thing actually goes well for us, we would love to pass it along,” one of the Chalk-Hooligans said.

The efforts of the Chalk-Hooligans have been met with positive responses. Sophomore class Vice President Kei Radford said the chalk messages brought a smile to her face and also brightened her mood.

“I usually preach positivity all over social media about self confidence, so I totally support it,” Kei said. “I think that it’s an awesome way to spread around a positive messages and good vibes.”