The Talon

The Hippo Lies: Notes From an Admissions Interview

By Miranda Li, Print Managing Editor

February 20, 2018

a“So tell me about yourself,” my admissions interviewer asked. We sat across from each other, cradling our respective hot chocolates. Here are some things I could have said: “When I lived alone this past summer, my p...

First Impressions: When do They Matter?

By Yalda Khodadad, Features Editor

October 24, 2017

If you knew me in seventh grade, you might notice that a lot of things have changed. I no longer have braces, I cut off ten inches of my hair, and my T-shirts are no longer emblazoned with smiling pandas or lime green musical no...

The Next Step

By Daniela Gloster, Staff Writer

September 28, 2017

In a country where political dissent has become the norm, it’s rare for a protest to capture the public’s attention for more than a split second. However, through blood and violence, the Charlottesville rally did. The counter-protest ...

Guest Writer: Eitan Weiner

September 28, 2017

Here's my take on the events that occurred in Charlottesville, Virginia: Nazis are disgusting wastes of space for whom I have no sympathy for. Period. But, we live in America, and as long as this country abides by the Con...

An International Perspective

By Max Weirauch, Photographer/Graphic Artist

September 28, 2017

My name is Maximilian Weirauch. I was born and raised in Hamburg, Germany and I moved to Los Altos and began attending LAHS in January 2017. The events in Charlottesville reminded me of my childhood and alerted me of the dangerous...

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