Catching Up With Fall Sports

By Kristen Fan, Mia Scher, and Jocelyn Maeyama


Cross Country

Cross country is off to a good start this season and is looking to improve a lot as a team along with as individuals. There is vast improvement across the team with multiple PR’s. This improvement has been expressed at the two races they have attended this season which included a 1st place win from freshman Kevin Andrews and junior Owen Mackenzie in their own respective races at the Earlybird Invitational.

“For states, we really want to try to qualify as a team and I think that we just train together and we work together so that we can get better together,” junior Naomi Donovan said. “I think that it’s much easier to get better together than running alone by yourself and then we also just have fun and make connections.”


Marching Band

Following last year’s weak performance, the marching band is working hard to improve their placement. The marching band will be attending a camp in two weeks, where they plan to perfect all their moves. Right now, they are preparing for an upcoming event, Mountain View Community Thank You, where they will be performing for the first time this season to kick off their competition season.

“I think the goal is just to make sure that everyone’s performing at their highest level and we’re really achieving our full potential.” – Michael Vronsky



Field Hockey

Field Hockey had a strong pre-season and is looking to carry that pattern into this season by playing together, passing, and playing smarter. The team beat Saint Francis and Leigh in their pre-season which have been tough games for them in the past. At the moment, they are 3 for 3 and are looking to make it to CCS.

“This year, we are also trying to become more offensive and focus a bit more on our attack,” senior player Tanya Matthews said. “Overall, the season is off to a great start, we have an awesome group of girls on Varsity and JV, and I can’t wait to see what we do together this season.”


Girls Golf

After making it to the upper leagues last year, the Golf team will have to fight for their spot again, as they welcome many new players. Last year, the team only had 5 girls, but now, they are welcoming 5 more beginners. Experienced players are stepping into leadership positions due to the increase of members, teaching them the fundamentals of golf. The girls are focusing on improving their dynamic and team bond because even though golf is an individual sport, the top 5 scores from the team will who wins and who loses.

“They’re committed to playing over the next couple of years because they’re mostly freshman and I think they’re wanting to improve and we have goals that we’re all striving for.” sophomore Caris Kim said.