Cassara Brothers Clothiers: A Well-Dressed Family Legacy

Ashton Kutcher, Joe DiMaggio, Kwame Harris—we all know the names, but who makes their suits?

Cassara Brothers Clothiers, located on San Antonio Road, has catered to several famous figures, including those listed above in addition to many other high-class businessmen and athletes. They’ve even added royalty to their clientele, having suited Prince Walid of Saudi Arabia.

“Our last thing that we did was we outfitted Ashton Kutcher for the Steve Jobs movie,” Mario Cassara, Jr. said. “One of our customers from way back when used to buy clothes from us, and his son is now in the movie business. He remembered the Cassara name and gave me a call and said, ‘Would you like to make some suits for a movie?’ Next thing you know, we’re fitting Ashton Kutcher.”

Many athletes also make common appearances in the shop. In particular, much of the 49ers football team comes to Cassara Brothers for custom made suits.

“I am a 49ers fan. Most of the 49ers players come for free because they are superstars, but Kwame Harris paid for his suits,” Mario Cassara, Sr. said. “A lot of them used to sign my [49ers] jacket, and I would give [them] free suits.”

However, it isn’t just the famous clientele that makes Cassara Brothers noteworthy. It’s also known to be a family business with a father and son duo in charge, Mario Cassara, Sr. and Jr.

“In 1968, my father and his brothers came from Sicily, Italy,” Cassara, Jr. said. “They came to the United States. They originated in Sicily and travelled to New York, and from New York to California. In 1968, they opened up Cassara Clothiers in Sunnyvale. From there, they opened up a couple other stores. This was the second location, here in Los Altos.”

Originally working with his four brothers, but later separating and running the business on his own and eventually with his son, Mario Sr. has seen this men’s clothing shop through many different stages. This next chapter in the Cassara Brothers company comes in the form of Cassara, Jr.

To carry on the Cassara Brothers business, Cassara, Jr. has been working for his father on the weekends since high school. He later permanently joined the family business and now runs the company.

The majority of clients come from word of mouth, including many of the Cassara Brothers’ celebrity clients, such as Joe Dimaggio and Ashton Kutcher. The Cassara Brothers name has found a strong place in the Los Altos community.

“I’ve been doing this for 46 years. It’s been interesting meeting the new customers and becoming friends with them.” Cassara, Sr. said.

The wide range of clientele allows Cassara Brothers to make a large assortment of suits, tuxedos and other men’s clothing.

Any ready-made suit can cost from $250 to $1,000 while a custom-made suit can cost from $3,500 up. The most expensive suit they have ever made was priced at $7,000. But it’s not to say that all their suits rack up such a big price tag, as Cassara Brothers does various kinds of rentals and more casual attire such as dress shirts and ties as well.

The Cassara Brothers Clothiers does not stop here. Cassara, Jr. has hopes to someday expand the business while his father looks to find ways to spend his time after he fully retires. He said that he sees many young adults struggling to find a job even after being educated in a higher-level academic setting, and that he wants to help them find a way to earn a living.

“That’s my dream after I retire from this business: to teach [school] dropout kids the business, to teach them sewing and teach them a trade,” Cassara, Sr. said.

Having been taught the trade by someone else, Cassara, Sr. was able to develop his own business in Sicily and achieve success. He hopes to be able to pass on his skills in a similar manner.

Cassara, Jr. looks to the future and more as he raises three of his own sons. Who knows: maybe a third Cassara generation will continue this family business.