California Standards Test Scores Show District-Wide Improvement

The results of the 2012 California Standards Tests (CST) were released today, August 31. Students of the Mountain View Los Altos School District (MVLA) showed improvement across all grades and subjects. The improvement follows an upward trend in scores seen in recent years.

Assistant Principal Galen Rosenberg said that the improvement is a result of schoolwide effort.

“For the last several years, we’ve been collaborating schoolwide and in departments to align what we do in the classroom with state standards, but also–I think more importantly–with what we think is the best practice for students,” Rosenberg said.

A press release from Superintendent Dr. Barry Groves stated that Assistant Principal Perla Pasallo said, “this improvement in students’ achievement is linked to our teachers’ efforts to align instruction and continually review data to evaluate their effectiveness.”

Groves said that ninth and eleventh grade scores showed improvement in every subject, while tenth grade students improved the scores in every subject except Algebra II.

However, there will be changes in standardized testing in future years.

“CST and state standards are going to change in two years to what are called ‘common core standards’, and at this point we don’t know for sure what the testing is going to be like,” said Rosenberg. “The common core standards are expected to be higher than the California State Standards.”

While the common core standards will not be implemented until two years from now, there are some changes in requirements that are already expected to come with the new standards. Rosenberg predicts that there will be “less emphasis on factual, recall memory and more emphasis on synthesis, interpretation and analysis in all subject areas.”