Cafeteria Changes Lunch Lines

On Monday, February 10, the cafeteria changed its lunch lines and thus reduced students’ waiting times.

The hot lunch line is now an express line; no á la carte items like cookies, chips and ice cream will be sold in this line, and so, students will not have to wait as long to receive their lunches. Instead, chips, cookies and water or milk will be included in the combo hot lunch meal for $3. Á la carte items will also be served in a separate line for students who are not buying hot lunch.

“We started [the express line] on Monday, and it’s been working quite well,” MVLA cafeteria coordinator Debra Godfrey said. “I can see that the kids are getting food there super fast…The line has definitely been a lot smoother.”

So far, the updated hot lunch lines have been very successful.

“The kids aren’t standing in line so long to get a lunch,” Godfrey said. “They’re able to get their lunch [and] have time to go sit down… I saw that the kids were having to stand in line too long, and that I have just been working my brain trying to get some way so I can get them in and out. I found that the express line is perfect.”