BSU Prepares Events For Black History Month

Many clubs on campus struggle to hold events, especially week-long celebrations, but the Black Student Union (BSU) has it down to an art.

BSU is celebrating Black History Month, which is celebrated every February across the country. According to BSU adviser Kalinda Price, it is held every February in honor of Frederick Douglass.

“[Black History Month] is an opportunity for everyone to share in black culture,” junior Ian Nottage said.

BSU has been celebrating the event for many years, but this year will be its biggest year in terms of activities, which will include a performance during Tutorial and games at lunch. The festivities will take place during the last week of February.

“This year will be better than last year because we are more committed,” sophomore Eve Horne said.

The theme BSU chose for its Black History Month celebration is “inspiring moments in African American history.”

In addition to the events during the week, they plan to show informative videos that pertain to the theme, similar to the video announcements they held last year. According to sophomore Julie Isaac, they plan to inform everyone of “the contribution black people have made.”

Involving the rest of the community is a major goal this year.

“Most of our events will include everyone in the community,” Price said.

Outside of the school, BSU is participating in an African American conference at De Anza as well as an event honoring the month at Foothill College.

The African-American Conference at De Anza College is a workshop where students will honor and discuss momentous events in African-American history. College and life after high school are also discussed with the African-American students who attend. It is open to any schools in the county who want to send groups.

“This year is the first time [the school] opened [the conference] up to the who school,” Price said. “Any African-American students can go.”

In the past, the event was only open to the members of BSU, but they have decided to extend an invitation to all African-American members of the student body.

The event taking place at Foothill College gives scholarships and awards to seniors based on community service and improvement in any area.

“We try to bring underclassmen so they can be encouraged [and] recognized when they are seniors,” Price said.

BSU does not currently have any seniors, so no one from the school will be recognized this year, but PRice hopes that they will be recognized in the future.

Black History Month is not only a month of remembrance of past influential African-Americans, but also a time for opportunities for African-American students to learn about the impact they can have on the future.