BSU Holds Poetry Slam in Honor of Black History Month

The Black Student Union (BSU) hosted a poetry slam in room 502 during lunch today, February 16. The performance was designed to raise awareness for the larger poetry slam BSU will be hosting on Thursday, March 1.

“[This poetry slam] just shows how much potential there is in the student body here at LAHS, how much talent there is, for teachers and students alike,” senior Milena Lacayo said.

The pieces performed were, in order, “Lost at Sea,” written and performed by senior Milena Lacayo, “Behind My Blouse,” written and performed by senior Rashmeen Kaur, “Make Your Mind,” written and performed by senior Benjamin Macedo, and “Stitches,” written and performed by English teacher Jonathan Kwan.

“I feel like we should do this more often,” junior Brianna Ellington, who organized the poetry slam, said. “I feel like everyone should have fun being together, listening to poetry … Even though there weren’t a lot of poets, everyone is in there and laughing, and it was really fun.”