Broken Box Presents “Robin Hood and his Musical Merry Men”

With subtle comedy, slapstick humor and Beatles segue ways, “Robin Hood and his Musical Merry Men” presented by Broken Box is probably one of the most entertaining things any Los Altos student could do on a weekend night.

Senior Kate Corbin plays the brave and noble Robin Hood while senior Ian Nottage plays her opposite as the very dramatic Prince John. With her band of musical Merry Men, i.e. the Beatles – Little John, Big Paul, Medium-sized George and Ringo – Kate cleverly steals Ian’s collected taxes and redistributes them to the poor. Unlikely love stories pop up throughout the story: Ringo has a serious crush on Robin Hood’s little sister, Red Riding Hood, and Maid Marian – who is supposed to marry Ian’s nephew – falls for Robin Hood himself. The competitiveness of the two narrators is also immensely funny.
Opening night was Thursday the 20 and the final performance will be on Saturday the 22.