Broken Box Performing Final Show of the Year

LAHS theater company Broken Box will be be performing their final show of the year on Thursday May 1, Friday May 2 and Saturday May 3 at 7 pm in the Eagle Theater.

The show is a comedy featuring the unlikely pairing of young entrepreneur Adam Garrison and the eccentric Zippity Dewdar when they decide to host a 1960s rock concert in Connecticut.

“They rent the farm of Candace Weaver and her two old-fashioned aunts and hire all of the big-name musicians of the time,” Broken Box member junior Meredith Soward said. “The festival is set to be a huge success until everything goes wrong, from a massive storm to a pregnant woman about to give birth. It’s a big production that has taken a lot of work since it’s filled with hilarious chaos, quick-paced lines, and a variety of interesting characters.”

A main challenge is the fact that many of the actors will be playing multiple parts in the show and some actors have as little as two minutes to change costumes in between parts.

“This means our timing has to be perfect, but it really helps to add to the overall feeling of comedic chaos,” Meredith said. “Everything goes wrong in the show, but it’s not in a sad, scary, or dramatic way–the entire production is hilarious.”

Broken Box members are concerned about audience turnout because the show will be performed the week before AP testing begins.

“But this show is really the perfect way to take a break and relieve the stress from AP studying,” Meredith said.

Tickets will be available for $5 in advance from Broken Box members or $8 at the door.