Broken Box Gets Its ‘Acts’ Together

Broken Box’s Feaydeau and Moliere One Acts will take place in the Eagle Theater from Thursday through Saturday at 7 p.m. each night. Tickets are on sale for $5 in advance and $8 at the door.

Mixed Doubles
Directed by senior Kate Corbin, this act is about cheating couples in a cheap love motel. Two guys are cheating on each others’ mistresses who also happen to be ex-wives of the maître d’hôtel. According to sophomore Alex Cala, the story isn’t about true love but has a lot of sexual jokes and is about sexual relationships.
“I play this really whore-y girl who is having an affair with a rich guy,” Alex said. “It’s really fun and really, really funny.”
According to Kate, staying on task is the biggest challenge, since the Broken Box members are great friends. Even so, Kate is confident that the show will be a success.
“The plot is hilarious and there are a lot of jokes,” Kate said. “I hope the entire audience pees laughing.”

Imaginary Cuckold
“Imaginary Cuckold” is an act directed by senior Brian Sator. It begins with a man who sees his wife looking into a locket at a picture of another man. He then assumes his wife is engaged in an affair with this man.
According to Brian, the most challenging part of being a director is making your visions come alive on stage.
“When you read a script, you have a vision about how you think [the play] should look,” Brian said. “It is through communication that the actors and actresses know what your ideas are.”
One of the more unique elements of the act is in the script.
“Lines are read normally, but if you listen closely, the words rhyme,” Brian said.
Brian said that this element should add well to the overall experience of the one act.

Romance in A Flat
This story tells the tale of a girl named Lucille, played by junior Katarina La Poll, and a boy named Edouard, played by junior Lucas Carosella. Lucille is planning to meet up with her piano teacher but Edouard expects to meet up with a woman to have an affair. The story lies in the misunderstanding of their encounter.
“People may like the huge joke of the whole thing,” Katarina said.
Also thrown into the mix is sophomore Terence Cape, who plays a “kinky” and loyal house-maid who is misunderstood because of his thick French accent.
“People can expect laughs, humor of misunderstanding and characters very caricature (sic) and very funny,” said junior Jenna Klein, who directed the act.

Flying Doctor
This act, directed by senior Parker Spielman, is about a young man named Valere who is in love. Unfortunately, the girl’s father plans to marry her to another man, so Valere sends his servant in various disguises to see the girl and hopefully win over her love.
Senior Elior Ilishah plays the servant and plays a role that involves multiple characters.
“He is jumping in and out of windows and going through elaborate things to maintain character,” Parker said. “He is constantly switching costumes.”
Although Elior said that he found it challenging to play multiple personalities in one role, he felt that it was worth it.
“When I read the script, I almost teared up from laughing,” Elior said. “It’s a new type of humor; it’s smart and witty and people have to think about it more.”