Breaking the Mold: Clubs on Campus (Yoga)


Photo by Michael Sieffert.

It’s no secret: yoga, an ancient discipline dating back to the 5th Century, is seeing a resurgence. Yoga studios are plentiful, with multiple in Los Altos alone. But to experience its myriad benefits, you’ll likely have to pay for the privilege. To give students access to yoga without the costs usually associated with it, seniors Mikala Marrin and Izzy Estrada chose to start the Yoga club last year.

“It’s a great way to reduce stress,” Mikayla said. “There’s obviously a lot of people who may need that. Having a yoga practice is a really great way to do that, even if it’s just one lunch every week.”

Yoga club meets on Mondays in the dance room. Last year, the two club presidents, Izzy and Mikayla, started out teaching. Now, Mikayla’s mom, a registered yoga instructor, teaches the weekly 30 minute class. In the past, class sizes were around five to ten people. Since the Dance Room is currently under construction, the club is waiting until the room reopens in October to begin meetings.

“I think it’s really great to expose Los Altos to yoga, because I know not everyone has access to a yoga class or it’s too expensive,” Mikayla said. “It’s a really great way to open people’s eyes.”
All levels of yoga-goers are welcome. This year members will start out with more basic poses and gradually work up to more advanced moves.