Breaking the Mold: Clubs on Campus (TeenzTalk)


Photo courtesy of TeenzTalk.

As one of Los Altos’ most diverse clubs, TeenzTalk works to connect teenagers from around the world with one goal in mind: “create a global teen community where we share our experiences, inspire each other to chase our unique ambitions, and embrace the valuable growth that comes from failures.”

Club president junior Nadia Ghaffari started the website as a place for teens to post videos and write articles about topics such as passion, growth and stress relief. She is the founder and chief editor and works with a team of people from many different countries. Each country’s representatives participate in their own outreach projects to spread the organization’s message in their area.

“I feel like if [there is] a team here, it will be even more effective,” Nadia said. “I have had a lot of people who have asked me about working on it from Los Altos, and instead of just adding them to the team I wanted to have a club so that we can all work together in that way.”

A typical club meeting would include brainstorming ideas for interviews or articles and introducing these ideas to the group. Then members would plan how to execute the idea in the best way possible.

The club will meet on Thursdays in room 312. Nadia stresses that the club will be flexible and member-driven.

“I’m really open to [project ideas],” Nadia said. “That is what the whole website [and club] is about.”